Leaks can be costly. Once the attic gets wet, mold will begin to grow quickly because of the lack of ventilation. The best solution is an inspection after a storm, including the attic. Minor problems are easy and inexpensive to repair. Even if you need to replace a few shingles, this is still a simple fix.

For the average homeowner, the ordeal and expense of roofing damage can be stressful. Your home is likely your largest single investment and your roof protects its contents from the elements. Since hurricane Katrina, homeowners can now take advantage of high wind, impact rated shingles with an ASTM D 7158 Class G or H (or ASTM D3161 Class F) along with UL 2218 Class 4. These provide even greater protection against the high winds of a tornado but it’s important that they be installed correctly. The manufacturer’s instructions for high wind installation must be followed exactly or they will not provide the rated performance.

Normally, a leaky roof is a quick, low cost repair, but if you’ve received quite a bit of damage, then you may be able get your homeowner’s insurance to assist with a new roof. Replacing your roof with high-impact shingles may be a good option.