Finding a Trusted Roofing Company

How Can You Know You’ve Found a Trusted Roofing Company?

Published On: June 29, 2022

The truth is, you probably don’t think about your roof every day. More so, you probably aren’t thinking about building a relationship with a trusted contractor for your roof. But when the unthinkable happens, you certainly hope you’ll find someone reliable, who does what they say they’re going to do, and who has a good reputation.

So the million dollar question is…

How can you know if you’ve found a trusted roofing company?

It’s one thing for a company to say they’re trustworthy. Why wouldn’t they? It’s not like they’re going to say, “We cut corners, go the cheapest route, and we dodge your calls when there’s a problem down the line.” They’d never actually admit that, of course. But the unfortunate truth is that so many contractors out there are just that unreliable. Short of interviewing everyone in town, it can be overwhelming to know who to go with.

The bottom line is this: the best reviews come from unsolicited sources.

Trust is earned. Generally, the mark of a good roofing company is what others say about them when they aren’t around. A roofer can tout their services all day long, but it means nothing if they don’t actually follow through.

You’ve probably seen the Best of Hood County stickers around the Granbury area. Local businesses are awarded each year, based on consumer voting. Consumers. Not businesses.

Those votes can’t be bought. They can’t be bribed. They just have to be genuine. Earned. DT Roofing has been voted the best roofer in Hood County since 2013. That’s nine years. In a row. Every year.

But if an award like that doesn’t convince you, then you should consider what people say online.

Brutal Honesty

Reviews are harsh. Want a good laugh? Go look up the Google reviews for just about any business. People are quick to say something harsh. But if you look up DT Roofing and Construction, you’ll see that (at the time this article was written), we have over 500 reviews. And our average review is 5 stars. Five. Not four. Not three and a half. Five. The highest you can get.

There’s a reason for that.

We believe in quality. We believe in excellence. But most importantly, we know that there are many other companies you could choose. We believe in earning your trust. And as a result, our customers can’t say enough!

But if you’re still not convinced…

Peer Recognition

You may have heard of the Good Contractors List. This list is extremely hard to get on and every job completed by any company on that list is backed by a $10,000 guarantee. Every job, not just jobs originating from The Good Contractors List. One search of roofers in Granbury, Texas and you’ll see who’s on the top of that list. With, yet again, a five star rating.

Not only are we on the Good Contractor’s List, we’re also backed by Directorii with a $20,000 guarantee. Know what that means? No matter what happens, your roof is in good hands. We can’t have those guarantees without being a contractor with a consistent record for honesty, integrity, and doing the right thing every time.

The short answer

The bottom line is this: we can tell you all day long how great we think we are. But if our customers agree, then you’ve probably found the best roofer in the business.




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