It’s the holiday season.

You’re preparing your home for guests, making plans for holiday meals, buying gifts, and hanging the stockings by the chimney with care. The last thing you’re probably thinking about is your roof.

But we are.

The experts at DT Roofing can help you have peace of mind this winter. As we all know (perhaps too well), Texas weather can be about as predictable as a toddler’s mood on Christmas morning. One day it can be sunny and 75º and the next we can have an ice storm worthy of the Bible.

As snow and ice accumulates on your roof, cracks can become present. When water seeps into even the tiniest cracks, this could pose a major issue for your roof. Not only can this cause leaks into your home, but the cracks can become much more prominent. If there is a crack in your roof and the water seeps in, a leak can be caused. However, if the water doesn’t leak and it freezes, the crack can expand causing an increase in size. Even the smallest cracks can expand and can even cause the shingles to move causing even more leaks.

Bottom line: make sure your roof is up to par before you find out the hard way.

Is your roof ready?

Don’t let your roof rob you of yuletide carols and fireside memories this year. Let us give your roof a free inspection. Peace of mind and peace on earth — now that’s a Christmas miracle.

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