We’ve heard it before: I found a cheaper estimate.

Maybe you did. Maybe your cousin’s cousin has a “roofing” company (we use that term loosely in this context) and he promised you a good deal.

And maybe for a minute, you feel like you’ve gotten the best bang for the buck.

Until a storm hits.

By then, it’s too late to realize you didn’t get a good deal, you got cheated. Here’s a story of a customer who experienced just that.

The pictures in this article are from a roof we inspected during a real estate transaction and when hail was identified, the buyer asked for the roof to be replaced. The seller chose “the cheaper guy.”

Fast forward to yesterday, we received a call from the new owner. One week after install, the roof looked like this. This damage is NOT from the twelve tornadoes that ripped through North Texas on December 13. This is from before that day.

Here’s where the “cheaper guy” went wrong:

  • They did an overlay (didn’t remove the old roof)
  • Used a lesser product (old roof was a dimensional shingle and the newer install is a 3-tab)
  • Final install product looks horrible on all accounts

So, why did the new buyer call us? The installer is ghosting them. They won’t return calls, won’t own up to what they did. We’ve seen this same scenario play out time and time again. Our goal at DT Roofing is to provide the best possible service and product for the best possible rate. We go above and beyond and we stand behind every job, start to finish and long after.

There’s a reason the “cheaper guy” isn’t calling you back.

Know who is on your roof. And remember when you’re buying a home or investment properties, you have power to request things be done correctly. That’s where DT Roofing comes in.