In an unlikely weather event for North Texas Summer, up to 3″ hail and damaging winds ravaged parts of North Texas on Sunday, June 11, 2023. More storms are predicted for Monday.

Should You Wait to Inspect?

One of the first questions we get asked after a storm like this is, “Shouldn’t I wait to have my roof inspected until storm season is over?”

To answer that question, we would like to go back to March of this year, when several of our customers had the very same question. Many of them opted to wait until June, because someone recommended to them that there was no point in inspecting their roof if more weather was probably inevitable. On the surface, that surely seemed like sage wisdom. But in retrospect, those customers are now experiencing leaks, damage, and other problems in their homes thanks to unpredictable Texas weather. If they had just had their roofs taken care of then, they might not have had to deal with the problems they’re facing now.

Unpredictable Texas

Here we are in June and we’re still getting catastrophic storms. Bottom line: you cannot predict what Texas is going to do. She has a mind of her own, especially when it comes to severe weather. (Anyone else remember the Summer of 2016?)

Your best bet is to make sure your roof is ready today for whatever Texas brings tomorrow, because you never know what she has up her sleeve!

If you’re not sure if your roof sustained damage yesterday, this spring, or anytime in the last few years, call us! We offer FREE inspections and FREE second opinions. Let’s make sure your roof is TOUGH AS TEXAS.