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The Reason You’re Not Saving Money With a Cheap Roofer

We've heard it before: I found a cheaper estimate. Maybe you did. Maybe your cousin's cousin has a "roofing" company (we use that term loosely in this context) and he promised you a good deal. And maybe for a minute, you feel like you've gotten the best bang for the buck. Until a storm hits. By then, it's too late to realize you didn't get [...]

What is Stone-Coated Steel and What Are Its Advantages?

If you're looking for an alternative to traditional roofing, something that will last a lot longer with the advantage of making a statement, you should consider stone-coated steel. What is stone-coated steel? Stone-coated Steel is a high gauge Class 4 steel panel stamped to look like wood shake. It is then coated in a stone material that looks amazing. What are its advantages? Durability Stone-coated steel [...]

What is the Best Type of Roof?

The most affordable short-term roof will probably always be a traditional composition roofing system. Composite roofing is constructed from a blend of materials compressed into shingles. Composite, or synthetic shingles can be made from a combination of fiberglass, plastic, polyester, and paper layered and held together with resin or laminates. The advantages of composite roofing are many. It is less expensive than the cost of slate, [...]

Just Another Reason (or three) that DT Roofing Is A Cut Above

First of all, we want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who voted for the Best of Hood County. This year, the DT Companies claimed THREE of the top spots, including Best Roofer for the tenth year in a row! Here's a breakdown of how you voted! 2022 Best of Hood County Awards DT Roofing - Best Roofer // 10 Year Winner Kingdom Builders [...]

It’s Voting Season!

We are so honored to announce that for the 10th year in a row, we’ve been nominated for Best of Hood County We need your vote! 2022 Voting is now open. Please take a moment to visit the links below and vote for each of our three nominated companies: DT Roofing (Best Roofer), Kingdom Builders Construction (Best Contractor), and Patriot Garage Door (Best Garage Door [...]

How Can You Know You’ve Found a Trusted Roofing Company?

The truth is, you probably don't think about your roof every day. More so, you probably aren't thinking about building a relationship with a trusted contractor for your roof. But when the unthinkable happens, you certainly hope you'll find someone reliable, who does what they say they're going to do, and who has a good reputation. So the million dollar question is... How can you know [...]

Does a Leak Mean I Have to Replace My Entire Roof?

You're a homeowner. Maybe even a new one. And the roof... well it's a part of the house that's over your head. Literally and figuratively. Usually, it's not until there is a problem that we start thinking about the what-ifs of homeownership, and with a roof, the questions can pile up quickly. One question we get asked a lot is this: If my roof is leaking, [...]

How Can I Prepare My Roof For Storm Season?

It's officially storm season. If you live in North Texas, you know we've already experienced several powerful storms and the season has only just begun. There are more storms to come, bringing high winds, hail, and even tornadoes. That sort of unpredictability can be overwhelming--particularly for homeowners. One of the biggest questions we get asked this time of year is this: How can I know my [...]